AOES + DOTA Bootcamp

Attention all gamers!

There is already much hubbub surrounding the upcoming DOTA 2 Bootcamp, from the 9th October – 23rd December, held at Medini Mall. The Academy of eSports is pleased to be receiving recognition amongst the wider Malaysian public and as a result, seeing its ultimate mission come true.

With intentions of elevating the Malaysian eSports scene, AOES provides two eight-month long programmes for plucky gamers to transform themselves into professional players or, if they prefer, learn to organise and navigate the world of eSports through events management. Whoever pursues their dreams ultimately feeds back into the subversive, cyber subculture that raised them, connecting together a tight-knit community.

A world that was once rather exclusive and relegated to fringe of society has emerged from the shadows of bedroom gaming and cyber cafes. Even large corporations such as ESPN have shown interest and recognise it as a “true sport” – at least on its website. The cause of much controversy over the definition of sport, many serious gamers argue that eSports requires the strategy, perseverance, emotional control and skilful execution asked of typical athletes.

It was not until the late 2000s when spectatorship in live eSports events saw a large surge in popularity.  By 2013, it was estimated that approximately 71.5 million people worldwide watched eSports with the availability of live streaming. Its rapid takeover has resulted in many game developers now actively designing towards the professional eSport subculture. Due to its tremendous growth, it has seen the birth of many new jobs and opportunities for those who religiously game online. South Korea, at the forefront of eSports, already has several established eSports organisations which have licensed pro gamers since the early days.

So even whilst still in its youth, the Academy of eSports looks promising! With its excellently tailored curriculum, it is surely soon to be the leading platform for fanatic gamers in Malaysia. Already receiving a great deal of interest, the AOES proves it has a strong community backing it and believing in its cause. It has definitely opened up many doors for people to forge a future doing what they are most passionate about, whereas before it seemed relatively difficult or even unachievable.

The Bootcamp will entail intensive training coached by some of the best in the industry, such as Muhammad “Groov” Yusuf, Wilson “ShenGG” Quak and Kieran “ZergRush” Lam. Not only are these guys renowned eSports athletes but Kieran also happens to be the principal of the unusual school, and the other two are AOES lecturers. Having these underdog experts as guides would give any eSport enthusiast the edge needed to break into their career.  In just a week, you can experience what it feels like to be a professional gamer with gaming desktops, keyboards & mice provided. Your passion and interest will ensure you a place on the priority list if you wish to join the Academy of eSPorts for next year’s intake.

If you fancy yourself as a gaming superstar or behind the creation of involving events within the culture, the six-day Bootcamp is not to be missed. But I would urge you to be quick as there is a limit of forty participants maximum each week. You can find more information and register online as an individual or a team for totally free at their website. You can also keep up with their movements and latest news on Facebook.

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