Music That Makes You Smarter: PRINCESS NOKIA

Kicking off a new series I think is necessary to share with my friends and the interweb, I want to post one of the latest video compilations I’ve caught on YouTube of Destiny Frasqueri aka Princess Nokia.

Quirky  and raw from the get-go, I was immediately in love with her vibe. I have been a huge fan of her work for a wee while now and have been increasingly impressed and humbled by her evolutionary direction as an artist.

Truly deserving of the title feminist, she’s a young woman who is actually sending empowering messages to what is – I can’t help but consider sometimes – a largely uninformed public of what that really means.  The catalogue of her music offers the sense of a deep self-acceptance, flaws and all, and why that makes you so magnificent. And that in itself, is the most humanist shit I’ve heard in a while!

Songs like Tomboy contain hilariously honest lyrics proclaiming  how her  “little titties and [her] phat belly” are actually pretty fucking cute, oozing true body confidence. Everyone wants a slice of the pie if you’ve got that natural pizzazz, that effortless messy elegance.

Yet, I feel her softer songs like Cherry Cola (above + originally off the project, Honeysuckle), encapsulates that relaxed unraveling of feminine abundance that is oh so soulful and sweet.

Although it may seem like it, it’s not so contrasting really, it’s one and the same. At least to me. They both are rooted in innate strength.

Hands Up (off of Metallic Butterfly) was another that really got me in its surrender and acceptance. I heard it at such a pivotal time in my life.

I think the first song I really loved from her was the downtempo, Biohazard Butterfly, in what; 20fucking15? So much has gone down since then, it honestly feels longer.

Now, seeing her speak for Vogue, Bershka and Champion, I’m like whoa… So proud to be a fan.

Thanks, Destiny!

(and thanks Mass Hendrix for making videos of so many of the tracks I love)

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