Spacetime Dribbles

Cosmic ectoplasm melting in your brain-folds feels good, right?

My idea for this piece arose at the opportunity to design the album cover for a local Malaysian movie called Cinta Paradox (soon to be renamed). The story follows a young scientist who accidentally builds a time machine and jumps in and out of his past, trying to win back the heart of his girlfriend who initially left him because of his obsession with his limitless, non-nuclear energy project.

Good message when you consider the depth of what actually matters in your personal life and all the gloop of your inner self, but also good riddance to her bro; you really had a vision of changing the world in a big way! Who cares how many times she says sayang! But anyhow, without me getting too wrapped up in the plot, I wanted to create a simple yet compact design.

I worked closely with the music producer of the movie. He uses a mixture of both analogue and digital sounds throughout. I think my process heavily reflects this. I also prefer organic art practices that can then be digitised and edited, if edited at all.  There is more room to make a beautiful mess this way.

His score is eerie and atmospheric. It has the ability to carry you across a range of emotions, from lucid, airy and uplifting to dark and despairing.

I wanted to emulate these feelings in one succinct image that crackled with the liveliness of the OST. I considered the turbulent nature of romance; lightness to melancholy to rage. I considered the distortion of time and its malleability. And I considered destiny and inevitability in life’s tangled outcomes; the patterns we see play out across the time we have.

However, due to a clash of interest, I opted out of the project. At least I have an art piece to show for it.

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