Plastic Smiles and Peaches

Apparently this shit is lame but whatevs, ya know it’s a real ass problem and booty is a big deal. Instagram is part of the digital cage for insecure chicks. It’s something that we’re all exposed to (all the freakin time). I used to not really give a shit about these things too much…each to their own, right? They’re making good business for themselves, right?

Well, I had a shower thought the other day and was like urgh, why am I defending this absolute garbage?! And why is everyone else giving this shit the gas?

You guys have been slowly killing meeee, thinking being somewhat attractive and having a passable ass is “grinding”. Yeah, and maybe I’m slightly sour cuz I gotta get a fuckin regular job and I don’t ass post and sell detox tea or whatever the fuck! Not so jealous of blowing random rich dudes for holidays tho…hey, maybe that’s your sacrifice.

Quit praying to the fairy thotmother for followers and likes, you’re much more than your Instagram.

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