Shark Totems

My childhood house is full of spacetime parasites but when I’m feeling Shark, they don’t bother me.

Shark is like the ancient god of the ocean, traversing the dreamscape.

Because Shark does not hesitate, people seem to have forgotten that Shark is the most sensitive of creatures.

Surrounded by water, Shark feels everything. Yet, the push and pull of life is nothing to Shark. There is no fear in the heart.

When I am Shark, I cut through emotions. I have no need to transmute or evolve because I am already Shark inside.

Instinctual and primal, I know what, how, when, why I want.

Nothing stands in the way.

Shark does not wait; Shark always moves.

Shark says, “Show me the bones of your desire, I will circle in for you.”


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