The Libby Experience

Who is Libby?

I sat myself down to meditate one morning and a voice came to me;

Look Here,

I am a girl of world!

I have grown up in four different countries so far and

I speak with blended culture behind my tongue.

I was raised in a fragmented family.

I was beaten and abused.

I have been spoilt and abandoned, and

I have been lonely.

I have been torn between victim and monster but

I have felt emotions deeper than any stretch of the imagination,

Louder than the ocean. And

I have felt the power beyond them.

I have seen the ends of the earth,

And it has made me rich and abundant,

With the nurturing spirit of a Goddess,

Pregnant with love.

I have the drive, ferocity and instinct of a tiger.

My intellect is sharp and

I possess the innate wisdom of a modern mystic.

I have died nine times over and still counting.

I am a creator.

I am a mover of worlds.

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