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The Little Mermaid

She laughed and danced with the thought of death in her heart. ― Hans Christian Anderson, The Little Mermaid   Hans Christian Andersen’s OG version of The Little Mermaid is super dope. I’m obsessed with fairy tales/folk tales/mythology and their underlying messages, teaching us almost everything we need to know about human psychology, sociology and […]

The Libby Experience

Who is Libby? I sat myself down to meditate one morning and a voice came to me; Look Here, I am a girl of world! I have grown up in four different countries so far and I speak with blended culture behind my tongue. I was raised in a fragmented family. I was beaten and […]

Dream Sequence 1

The reddish bricks of an English suburb stack up into homogenous houses, fired in the kiln of my childhood. I, the architect, am erroneous prone but in control. And I’ve returned to this place where I spent such turbulent, formative years. I am alone in the house at the corner of the cul-de-sac. Only, I […]

A Drunken Sailor of Sorts

It’s like cold Chardonnay, This weightless floating. Homes I left behind trail Away into a pupil in the sun, A self-contained equilux, Sinking over the ocean. Mermaids sing memories Across changing winds, Upon which my realisations Race then hover and sit, still. They also sink and acquiesce Into the arms of the horizon With each […]

Observations 2; On Inaccessibility

“Hey Libby, come hang out?” he says. It seemed as though we broke the boundaries of intimacy a little too quickly. I wanted you, I knew it instantly. Your madness melding with mine under the clutter of shop signs and advertising that stretched into the heavens. At this point in my life, I can more […]

Observations 1; On Socialising

I was knackered as soon as I stepped foot in there. Hiding behind a glass of wine and a plume of smoke, I sunk back, as empty laughter erupted around me in hellish cackles. Teeth bared, rabid apes. It’s probably a familiar scene to you. I was honestly there to have a good time. It […]

Shark Totems

My childhood house is full of spacetime parasites but when I’m feeling Shark, they don’t bother me. Shark is like the ancient god of the ocean, traversing the dreamscape. Because Shark does not hesitate, people seem to have forgotten that Shark is the most sensitive of creatures. Surrounded by water, Shark feels everything. Yet, the […]


I keep dreaming and having flashes of a stag? An elk? First, like a burning desire, leaping over me. Escaping. And now, this dream. A gleaming white elk. My friend, My steed, My teacher. Lord of the Undergrowth, rare and godly, I will follow you through the dark, misty cover of the canopy, Avoid bureaucrats […]

Plastic Smiles and Peaches (remix)

Revisited this lady and gave her a makeover. I placed her on a bunch of inky/pastel/lipstick stains that I had scanned in. They reminded me of paua shells which reminded me of eyes, seen on many Maori carvings. They also reminded me of black holes and phone screens, or mirrors. Like the original, I surrounded […]

Plastic Smiles and Peaches

Apparently this shit is lame but whatevs, ya know it’s a real ass problem and booty is a big deal. Instagram is part of the digital cage for insecure chicks. It’s something that we’re all exposed to (all the freakin time). I used to not really give a shit about these things too much…each to […]


The original sketch for this was quickly done one morning walking around Uptown Damansara, using felt tips, water and the last dribbles of my coffee. I think over the last two years, I have been contemplating my hasty move from New Zealand to my mother’s home country of Malaysia, and what that meant to me. […]

Taurus Moon

Lost in a Kisscape The world feels like A crashing car A dying sun I clasp your face Shining colours Eyes with daggers A new-found confidence Luscious The way it tastes All these Starwaves A blooming flower In the moonlight I see your shadows You see mine Soft Cruel A sense of belonging In your […]


My Grandpa dwells in Godric’s Hollow, where fellow Practitioners creep Like the oddities Of my sleeping, feverish Fantasies. The bell Tolls for us all and Beyond the knell, I fly deep And follow starlit Clusters to mortal Limits before calling past The sky, one last prayer.

Roses for the Dead

Under my skin Sleeps knowledge Unknown Dwelling In the shape Of shadows Restless They press And twist And mould me Slowly Hold me Desolate And Godless Controlled by Bygone ghosts And shame untold;   I’m sorry I couldn’t handle who I was I’m sorry I became so self-righteous I’m sorry I couldn’t look in the […]

A Parable of Waiting Around

Red, red lights simmer all along the street sending omens through the windows. They are scattered like blotched beads against the gritty backdrop, a broken string of prayers. After leaving the lottery place, a man stands stooped at the bus stop. His drive and eagerness lies dormant, coiled inside. Calling out, distant and distorted, his […]

Observations 3; On Distractions

Whether they be Malay, Chinese, Indian or the various, miscellaneous people in Malaysia; they are plodders. And their spatial awareness is worse than mine, which is saying a lot. They stand in the way idly, trying to find Wi-Fi on the escalators. Time is ticking. But there are no clocks in malls, are there?

Ode to the West Coast

Endless on my breath is the Ocean! Too easy the inspiration surges As Her Foamy fingers speed toward me   I scream I love you I love you I love you As She Washes the grief from my eyes And the guilt from my hands,   Naked in the shingles of the world Roaring through […]

Time to Haiku 3

Flipping off mid-storm; Promises frosted over Til Spring consoles us.   *   Cyclone escapades Open and close my windows, Bringing outside in.   *   Lonely sinkholes sing Poltergeist passivity, Loathsome and profane.

a msg

With this knowledge, I love you more for being the person you are now. I am still processing, bear with me. Such a controlled reaction to the event; emotionlessness. But this permeates your person in other ways. You seem so mature, so aware and so deep. I trust you to be who you are. You […]

What Makes a Good Public Space?

INTRO An outcry for the creative revival of public space has emerged in contemporary society. As a result, a surge of refashioning and repurposing our built environment for public use has been illustrated by the reclamation of such places. The landscape of our lives is becoming progressively transformed through architecture, art, technology and infrastructure. These […]

Time to Haiku 2;

  Trying to slumber. Cumbersome ideas fall In and out of my mind,   Flying around my Bedroom – thundering phantoms; I bring them to life!

The Bill Henson Case

Before knowing any subsequent information on Bill Henson, I firstly google-imaged his name. My idle search retrieved a scattered ouevre of photographs, running in an aesthetically similar vein; moody and sombre yet delicate like petals.  Amongst ominous landscapes and shots of the skies suffused with billowing clouds, several images of youthful nudes against the gloom […]

Time to Haiku

1. My fingers through yours As bullets nuzzle brothers; Float in the bloodstream.   2. Pieces of Corinth Crack the long fragility Of patterned design.   3. Dawn extends her hand Over my burning eyelids. From crawling, I stand.

Ouroboros Monologue

I am the dragon. I am a creature of an ancient origin. I am beautiful and wicked. I am to be feared. However, I also fear, as you fear. But I am in love; a love so bottomless, all I do is plunge further and further into the heart of it. And it’s like walking […]

A Conversation with Donald

I caught Donald Abraham at the local mamak before grabbing a coffee at a quieter location. He’d just come from bundle shopping bearing his findings. A down-to-earth, laid back kind of guy, he walked me through some of his latest creative works with humble confidence. His style, although fluid across mediums, is easily recognisable. This […]

PublikArt; Chong Kim Chiew

Iskandar Puteri, formerly known as Nusajaya, is currently undergoing a humungous transformation with many innovative projects taking place there. As it steadily grows into a forward-thinking city, spreading passionate values of sustainability and collaboration amongst its community, the arts have been enthusiastically employed in order to create a place identity. PublikArt is a large public […]

IP Kreatif

Iskandar Puteri, in the state of Johor, is fast emerging as a bubbling hub for the arts and forward-thinking culture in the heart of South East Asia. With a rich history of trade and cultural exchange, it continues to renew this tradition in exciting, new ways. The utopic, two-day festival that was IP Kreatif ran […]

Jamil Zakaria Solo Exhibition Opening – LUBOK

Art Row is usually a peaceful place to chill and wank on about art with a few friends but the opening night of Jamil Zakaria’s installation was a frenzied flurry of upcoming artists and Malaysia’s most talked about. Outside the humble gallery, new and familiar faces were mixing and mingling, carried by the beat of […]

Temiar at Gua Musang

DAY 1 It’s June 6th 2017 at 6:45am, and I’m waiting at the Gombak LRT. I consider my photojournalism project as I wait for videographer and documentary filmmaker, Jules Rahman-Ong to pull up. Initially, huge aesthetic inspiration came from Stephen Dupont’s Raskols. He is one of my favourite photographers. Although his project was perhaps a […]

The Orang Asli Dilemma

I think I slept for about a full twelve hours last night. I meditated. I was then brought a breakfast of roti canai by my aunty and we touched base. For lunch, I went with my cousin and her friend for some real good banana leaf somewhere near PJ. Spoilt for food, am I right? […]

The Island [SHORT STORY]

The largest city on the Island was also the only city. Vincent gazed up at the scale of tightly packed stone that formed a wall around the crumbling structures within. The sun’s crown shimmered like sugared rose petals from behind, defining the silhouettes of the buildings, sharpening them with each passing second. In the beginning, […]

The White House [SHORT STORY]

“As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.” ― C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections    White gleaming House in the glare of the Sky’s eye. […]