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What Makes a Good Public Space?

INTRO An outcry for the creative revival of public space has emerged in contemporary society. As a result, a surge of refashioning and repurposing our built environment for public use has been illustrated by the reclamation of such places. The landscape of our lives is becoming progressively transformed through architecture, art, technology and infrastructure. These […]

The Bill Henson Case

Before knowing any subsequent information on Bill Henson, I firstly google-imaged his name. My idle search retrieved a scattered ouevre of photographs, running in an aesthetically similar vein; moody and sombre yet delicate like petals.  Amongst ominous landscapes and shots of the skies suffused with billowing clouds, several images of youthful nudes against the gloom […]

A Conversation with Donald

I caught Donald Abraham at the local mamak before grabbing a coffee at a quieter location. He’d just come from bundle shopping bearing his findings. A down-to-earth, laid back kind of guy, he walked me through some of his latest creative works with humble confidence. His style, although fluid across mediums, is easily recognisable. This […]

PublikArt; Chong Kim Chiew

Iskandar Puteri, formerly known as Nusajaya, is currently undergoing a humungous transformation with many innovative projects taking place there. As it steadily grows into a forward-thinking city, spreading passionate values of sustainability and collaboration amongst its community, the arts have been enthusiastically employed in order to create a place identity. PublikArt is a large public […]

IP Kreatif

Iskandar Puteri, in the state of Johor, is fast emerging as a bubbling hub for the arts and forward-thinking culture in the heart of South East Asia. With a rich history of trade and cultural exchange, it continues to renew this tradition in exciting, new ways. The utopic, two-day festival that was IP Kreatif ran […]

Jamil Zakaria Solo Exhibition Opening – LUBOK

Art Row is usually a peaceful place to chill and wank on about art with a few friends but the opening night of Jamil Zakaria’s installation was a frenzied flurry of upcoming artists and Malaysia’s most talked about. Outside the humble gallery, new and familiar faces were mixing and mingling, carried by the beat of […]

Temiar at Gua Musang

DAY 1 It’s June 6th 2017 at 6:45am, and I’m waiting at the Gombak LRT. I consider my photojournalism project as I wait for videographer and documentary filmmaker, Jules Rahman-Ong to pull up. Initially, huge aesthetic inspiration came from Stephen Dupont’s Raskols. He is one of my favourite photographers. Although his project was perhaps a […]

The Orang Asli Dilemma

I think I slept for about a full twelve hours last night. I meditated. I was then brought a breakfast of roti canai by my aunty and we touched base. For lunch, I went with my cousin and her friend for some real good banana leaf somewhere near PJ. Spoilt for food, am I right? […]