Category: observational series

Observations 2; On Inaccessibility

“Hey Libby, come hang out?” he says. It seemed as though we broke the boundaries of intimacy a little too quickly. I wanted you, I knew it instantly. Your madness melding with mine under the clutter of shop signs and advertising that stretched into the heavens. At this point in my life, I can more […]

Observations 1; On Socialising

I was knackered as soon as I stepped foot in there. Hiding behind a glass of wine and a plume of smoke, I sunk back, as empty laughter erupted around me in hellish cackles. Teeth bared, rabid apes. It’s probably a familiar scene to you. I was honestly there to have a good time. It […]

Observations 3; On Distractions

Whether they be Malay, Chinese, Indian or the various, miscellaneous people in Malaysia; they are plodders. And their spatial awareness is worse than mine, which is saying a lot. They stand in the way idly, trying to find Wi-Fi on the escalators. Time is ticking. But there are no clocks in malls, are there?