Tag: reflective writing

The Libby Experience

Who is Libby? I sat myself down to meditate one morning and a voice came to me; Look Here, I am a girl of world! I have grown up in four different countries so far and I speak with blended culture behind my tongue. I was raised in a fragmented family. I was beaten and […]

A Drunken Sailor of Sorts

It’s like cold Chardonnay, This weightless floating. Homes I left behind trail Away into a pupil in the sun, A self-contained equilux, Sinking over the ocean. Mermaids sing memories Across changing winds, Upon which my realisations Race then hover and sit, still. They also sink and acquiesce Into the arms of the horizon With each […]

Observations 2; On Inaccessibility

“Hey Libby, come hang out?” he says. It seemed as though we broke the boundaries of intimacy a little too quickly. I wanted you, I knew it instantly. Your madness melding with mine under the clutter of shop signs and advertising that stretched into the heavens. At this point in my life, I can more […]